Silver Lingings

Oh, my dears, I have, admittedly, not been in the best of places since my return from China.  Part of that is going into my last year of grad school (so… much… work!!) but there are other more personal matters that have kept me thoroughly distracted as well.

Yes, these two things together are why I stopped the shorts, took a break from the blogs, and why book 4 has been delayed.  For these things, I send my deepest apologies, but lo! I have been working on doing blog posts again, so it’s a start, right??

I wanted to talk to you today about silver linings, however.  Let me tell you a story.

I have a dear friend who I would correspond with regularly via email.  We both had busy schedules, and she did not use any instant messengers, and when we chatted, it tended to be longer than just a text or two. Thus… emails.

We would vent about our days, the bad things going on, our general frustrations with X, Y, and especially Z, and go back and forth, knowing we had someone to talk to that would understand whatever we were going through and provide a sympathetic ear.

But after a while, we noticed it was ALL negative, and THAT, my darlings, is not good.

We made a decision – we could vent all we wanted, but we HAD to list at least one silver lining each time.

What’s a ‘silver lining’?  It’s anything good, and my dears, I assure you, there is always something good out there. It’s not always easy to find, but it’s there somewhere.

Try.  That’s all I can ask is for you to try. Seek out that silver lining, that one thing that makes you smile, even a little bit, and hold on with both hands.

If you’re having trouble finding your silver lining for the day, here are a few inspirations:

  • A beautiful spring day
  • The sound of rain falling calms me down
  • My husky sang me the song of her people
  • My son told me he loved me, unprompted
  • I received a silly meme from a friend
  • Another friend sent me a text that made me laugh/smile
  • My cat did not kill me last night
  • I heard my son singing in show tunes in the shower
  • My sister called me up and asked me to breakfast
  • I drove around town with the windows down and the wind blowing in my hair
  • I found snow and flower petals on my windshield last week (true story!!)
  • I witnessed an act of kindness
  • I committed an act of kindness
  • I recycled
  • I picked up random trash on a walking trail
  • I took a walk!
  • I went to a movie with a friend
  • Listened to music
  • Listened to a LOT of music…


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