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So a dear friend of mine introduced me to the good Doctor many moons ago – just as David Tenant was wrapping up his stint as the Doctor.  I fell instantly in love, even with all the cheesiness of that first season.

First, don’t get me wrong – I understand Doctor Who has been around for more than fifty years at this point.  I have watched some of the earlier episodes (including nearly all of the very first season then skimming through some of the subsequent Doctors), but the most recent ones are the ones that really nabbed my attention.

Admittedly, the sunglasses… now those were a bit new. But I liked ’em.

Now, what was I saying…? Oh yes!

The Doctors…

My son and I were looking for a new show anyway, and this one popped onto our radar, and both of us fell in love. While not my favorite, I adore Chris Eckleson’s portrayal of the Doctor.  I must say, the Empty Child and the Doctor Dances have to be two of my favorite overall episodes of the series (it was a 2-parter episode regardless).  The Whovians will all recognize this one.  Not only do you get to meet my dear Captain Jack Harkness, but you get to be left with that little twinge whenever you see a gas mask, hearing in the back of your head “Are you my mummy?”

  • What is the most well known, universal come-on line in the Who-verse? “Hi… Captain Jack Harkness…”

Ah, but that was only for one season. As the we came to the shift between the Doctors, I wasn’t sure David Tenant was going to be able to hold a candle to Mr. Eckleson.

Oh, was I ever wrong.

I adore Tenant, through and through.  He remains my Doctor, and none since have been able to compare. He was positively brilliant, and left me giggling and crying all at the same time.  My second favorite episode, Blink, was during his reign. Which is odd since the Doctor is only just barely in this episode, but as is his companion at the time (ugh… my least favorite! Oh, Martha…) If the gas-masked child is etched into the memory of all Whovians, just bring up the Weeping Angels… see what happens.

I believe Tenant had the most heart-wrenching moments, at least for me.  While I adore his other iterations, and certainly laughed along with them, this one made me cry more than any of the others.

Leaving Rose…

Saving Donna…

… I don’t want to go…


That little phrase, right there… that still makes me want to throw things at the TV. Or computer.  Or at my friend who introduced me to the series when he sends me that little message… (You’re a jerk-face, Chris…)

But then we meet Matt Smith.

Don’t get me wrong, Matt is/was adorable, and he made me smile with his awkwardness.  He certainly has some of the catch phrases that everyone will remember. I where a Fez now… Fezzes are cool. Bow ties are cool. Stentsons are cool.

Going to have to go with Closing Time as one of my favorite episodes with Smith. Don’t know that one?  How about the introduction of Stormaggedon, Dark Lord of All!

Now you remember?  Very nice!

Don’t get me wrong – Smith had some great episodes, but I have to say, he’s likely my least favorite of the modern Doctors.  I’m very sorry to all the Smith Fans out there!! It’s not a dis on him – I am still incredibly fond of him! I admit, I was happy to see him go by the end. I was ready for something new, though his leaving was entirely too… rushed. That would be the best way to put it. Made it rather awkward.

Ah, then we come, at last, to Peter Capaldi!

I like this guy. A lot. I personally like seeing an older Doctor. The cranky old many makes me smile so don’t miss out on this Doctor just because he’s older than his other more recent incarnations. He was as spastic as he is in any incarnation, cracking jokes that are only funny to him (don’t like it when he does it? But you liked it when all the others did, hm?) I suppose it seemed more exaggerated because of his age. He suddenly had even more difficulty connecting to those around him – which I wasn’t sure was possible, especially with Smith’s awkward Doctor.

My fav episode of his has to be The Husbands of River Song. She’s been one of my fav characters throughout, and this episode… Oh, River… And his gift in the end…

Pardon me. I believe I got a spot of dust in my eyes….

The Companions…

There is a joke – and do stop me if you’ve heard this one:  Steven Moffat, Joss Weadon, and George RR Martin walk into a bar… everyone you know and love dies.

Moffat loves to torture us with the things he does with the people in the Doctor’s lives. , but the Doctor would be nothing without his Companions. I use that term loosely here – not the people who strictly stay by his side, but those who come in and out, flitting throughout his regenerations.

I have to say, my top two favorites, have to be River Song and Captain Jack Harkness.

River was mostly about during Smith’s time, though she met Tenant and Capaldi – I can’t help but wonder how she would have done with Eccleston.  She has the one person with enough umph to make a Dalek beg for mercy.

She didn’t give it, of course, but that didn’t stop the poor boy from trying.

Then there’s Captain Jack Harkness, who’s introduction itself is a universal come-on line in this world.  I adore this man, and if you do too, don’t forget to check out Torchwood.  Skip the American season, but the rest… it’s worth it.

The two actors – Barrowman and Kingston – didn’t meet until the two of them were on Arrow together. They were part of different Doctors, afterall. They talked about a show centered on the adventures of River and Captain Jack… Yes. Please yes. All of the yes. I would watch the hell out of that.

Now to the actual ‘Companions’ as they are called.

Of these regulars, I’m torn between Donna and Rose, though Donna nudges into the lead for the most part. Both were part of Tenant’s reign, and I love both of them.

And weep still at how they parted ways.

Damn you Moffat…

Martha… she was meh.  I never really could connect much to her, and found her one-sided love for the Doctor… dull.

Then to Smith!

If you talk about Amy Pond, you cannot forget about Rory. Oooooh, Rory!! How I loved you so!! The Ponds were a great duo, and I enjoyed them more than Smith himself.

Of course, considering who their daughter is… But shh! Spoilers!

I rather enjoyed Clara. The actress was adorable, and she had the chutzpah of Donna. I was really quite fond of her, and felt that was precisely what the Doctor needed. I felt she bridged the gap to Capaldi quite nicely.

I haven’t fully met Pearl Mackie’s character as Capaldi’s companion, but I do greatly look forward to it.

Wrapping Up…

So what are your favorites and why? Doctor, Companion, episode… share! It’s your turn!

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