Fanbugging: Firefly

Yes, I am a Browncoat.

Yes, I am proud of this fact.


As with all of my fanbugging posts, it’s an opportunity for me to squeal about something I’m passionate about.  Not to fret, I learned from the excessively spammy Doctor Who one, and I will try not to repeat that again.

…. but no promises. I like to babble.

For those of you who don’t know, Firefly was a show written and directed by Joss Whedon. Only 14 episodes long, it was aired on Fox (out of order) in 2002. I watched it on DVD in 2004. A friend loaned it to me, and I thought ‘Sure, why not?’ I mean, Trav said it was good, so that meant I’d enjoy it, right?

Yeah, blew through the entire set over the weekend, and was left with the immediate pang of regret.  It was over!!

This is where my good friend informed me the damn thing had been cancelled before the entirety of the first season had even aired.

  • Fox – where good shows air only to immediately die…

The rating may not have been good enough to sustain it while on air, but the fan-following afterwards became absolutely insane. So much so that they produced a movie! Ah, Serenity… my sweet, Serenity! It wasn’t full closure, but it was something close to it. I’m pretty sure I saw it 6 times in the theater. Alot of Browncoats did.

Still wasn’t good enough for additional movies, but it was something.

So Joss Whedon, being a creative sort of fellow, decided to tell the rest of his story via comic books.

I couldn’t pick just one favorite character in the lot of them.  I mean, come on! Space cowboys!! What’s not to love?

Jayne. Jayne is my favorite. I lied.

And Jaynestown may be one of my fav episodes… but they’re all pretty freaking great.

But the interactions between all of them… I would have adored seeing this go so much further than the first season. I know a lot of people who feel the same.

Lookie there – I learned! I haven’t babbled too much about it… just trust me… go watch it!

Personal Anecdote 

So while Serenity was in the theater, I dragged my boy to go see it… ’cause that’s just how I roll. Sadly, it scared the hell out of him, and he hadn’t watched the original, so a great deal was lost on him. And yes, Reavers are freaking scary, especially when you’re 6 years old…

I gave him a few years, and when he was ten or so, we were starting to watch different kinds of shows together.  I introduced him to Firefly, and he loved it.

And he was MOST displeased to realize it was cancelled so soon… Perhaps I should have warned him instead of telling him “Well, life’s not fair, m’boy…” Next time, next time…

  • My boy still makes comments about Fox cancelling things shows too soon. Firefly is not alone, but it’s his shining example.

Then a few years ago, I saw that some of the cast members would be at a couple of different (relatively) local conventions. So what did I do? I packed up my DVD and tracked my tuckus to St. Louis and Kansas City!

Thus it began…

Devlin and I have a mission… A mission to collect AUTOGRAPHS!


So far we have 3 autographs:

  • Morena Baccarin – Met her at Wizard World in St Louis – very sweet lady. Got there early and her line was non-existent so I had the opportunity to stand there and talk to her.
  • Adam Baldwin – Met him at Planet Comicon in Kansas City – Devlin was with me on this one, and Adam, though he DID have a line, he took the time to hold it up and chat with Dev. It was… spectacular
  • Summer Glau – Met her recent at a different Planet Comicon in Kansas City – Waited an hour and a half to meet her, but it was worth it! She was very warm, and took the time to speak/listen to each of her fans who were there to meet her (likely why it took so long to get through the line). So very worth it.

We’re keeping our eyes out to get more!!

So tell me – did you watch Firefly? Are you a Browncoat?  What’s your fav episode? Fav character?

** Nothing personal against Fox! Just in this case… damn their eyes!!

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