Fanbugging: P!nk

So it’s that time once more for a bit o’ fanbugging!

This month, it’s an artist I’ve adored for many years. The one, the only, P!nk!

I’ve been a huge fan of this lady since her early years.  It’s not only her voice (HER VOICE!!) but as with all the celebs I can say I’m actual fans of, it’s her personality, her attitude.

Don’t get me wrong – I would NEVER want to be caught in a backalley with her, not unless she was on my side.  I’m pretty sure she could utterly obliterate me…

It’s her approach on life.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously (which I adore), but at the same time, she doesn’t give up.  She pushes herself, pushes those around her.  She does not apologize for who she is, and encourages others to stand up for themselves as well, to love themselves.  Did you miss her VMA speech she dedicated to her daughter. Check it out here…

Yeah… There’s got a be an amazing personality for me to seriously fanbug over anyone.  If you’ve never listened to P!nk… you’re nuts. But here! Check out this Carpool Karaoke to get a feel of those cords…. But now? Some of my favorite songs! Sit back and prepare yourself – there’s a ton of ’em…

Don’t Let Me Get Me

Just Like A Pill

God is a DJ

Who Knew – I enjoyed her music before, but this is about where I started becoming a big fan.

U + UR Hand

Stupid Girls

Raise Your Glass – This has got to be one of my all-time favs

So What 


Please Don’t Leave Me

Perfect – Which the song itself always makes me think of my son. It’ll be alright, Dev. You’re perfect <3

Just Give Me A Reason


Just Like Fire

What About Us

Beautiful Trauma (with Channing Tatum!!)

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