Once Upon a Time – Earworms

Believe it or not, there was a time before the interwebs.  I know, it was a very long time ago, before several of you out there were born (excuse me while I cry), but THERE WAS A TIME!!

But there was still music!

Again, another shocker, I know.

As we have already discussed, I have a long-standing love for music in general, and I have rather eclectic tastes.  That’s been a thing for a very long time as well.  Way back when, if you wanted to know the lyrics to any given song, you would need to listen carefully for when the song was played on the radio or record the darn thing (again, having to catch it on the radio) and go back and forth, rewinding and listening, rewinding and listening, rewinding and…

You get the picture.

OR… you can ask folks.

Now, growing up, my mother worked at the Wal-Mart home office which was about an hour away from where we lived.  If there were appointments or anything that needed to be done, we’d have to go to the office with my mother and hang out in the breakroom all day while we wait for whatever was supposed to be happening.

One such day – and I’m pretty sure we were in high school when this happened – my sister and I decided we desperately needed to know the words to an older song – one Joy to the World by Three Dog Night.

Haven’t heard that one?  Here, take a listen – it’s pretty dang catchy:

Why did we pick this particular song when it was already kinda old?  I have no freaking clue – it just popped into our heads, and we knew SOME of the words, but couldn’t remember the rest.  It’s ok, we did the same exact thing with Hotel California by the Eagles.

So we sat there all day, and as people took their breaks, we stopped to ask them if they 1) knew the song and 2) remembered whatever the next line was.  Sometimes they corrected lyrics we already had, other times they would give us the line we were looking for. A few times they’d say they didn’t remember, but oh, they knew the next stanza AFTER that.

Looking back, I’m surprised people were as friendly to us as they were.  We were, afterall, a couple of teenage girls interrupting their breaks, but they seemed amused by it, and with the way people’s hours were staggered, we had a steady stream of random folks coming in and out of the breakroom throughout the day.

And, by golly!! By the end of the day, we had the entire song down, and several people confirmed they believed we were right.

Now, however, either one of us hears any part of that, it’s in our brains. Forever.  And we generally immediately share with the other person to spread the pain/love.  I know if I hear the name ‘Jeremiah,’ I’m lost and usually end up belting the rest of the tune out for the remainder of the day.

Because that’s how earworms work, right??

So what are some of YOUR favorite earworms? ’cause, damnit, I have this song in my head now…

~Jeremiah was bullfrog…~

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