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Ben’s been doing this writing thing or a minute now, and he has a number of different books out, playing in a few different genres.  You can check out all of his endeavors currently out here.

He started out with the Demon’s Apprentice. This is an urban fantasy about a boy who was sold at a young age to a Demon. He’s done some Not Nice Things ™, but now he’s broken away from all of that. So where does that leave him?

High school.

You get to follow Chance’s (mis)adventures as he tries to find life after playing sidekick to a demon for so many years.  If you like urban fantasy, check this one out.

Urban Fantasy not really your thing? Then why are you reading my page??

Wait, no. That’s not what I meant to say…

I meant to refer you to his next series! This series is zombie survival at its finest. Zompoc Survivor: Exodus kicks off this series, and it’s the big one that propelled Ben forward into the limelight. I’m not going to lie – one of the things I love about this one is it starts here in good ol’ Springfield, MO. If you like your zombies, give it a look.

Ben has another one that’s getting ready to come out, and this is something a bit different – STEAMPUNK! I love the weird west – I just do.  I’m really looking forward to Ben’s new one – The Long Walk. Can’t wait to see his take on it!

Now the BIG why…:

Once upon a time there was an uncertain (not so) little girl who was wrapping up the work on her very first novel.  She was frightened and uncertain of what to do next so she turned to her friends who knew had been there before…

They promptly pointed and laughed. The jerks.

But THEN they helped!

Ben was one of those jerks.

But really, I’ve known Ben for about as long as I’ve known JM Guillen.  These two helped me tremendously throughout the publishing process, and the group of us have bounced ideas off one another (as far as marketing goes), and continue to help out one another where we can.

Not only did Ben show me the tricks to get my formatting underway, but he was my Con-buddy for the conventions on my first year out.  We helped sell one another’s books as well as did a number of panels together during that first year. He was (and is still) a wonderful mentor, and I strongly recommend you check out his stuff.

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One thought on “Spiffy People: Ben Reeder

  1. CaseyJuly March 6, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Awesome! I can’t wait to check out Ben’s work too!

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