Spiffy People: Nate Howard

Who:  Nate Howard

What:  Artist (pronounced “all around awesome dude”)

Where (to stalk him):


A local to Springfield, I met Nate at LibraryCon its first year (Yay! LibraryCon!).  I may have mentioned before how, that first year, we got to sit around, chat it all up.  So we are sitting there in the lulls, and I notice – GASP!! THERE’S A POTBELLY MAMMOTH THERE!

…… No. Really.

So if THAT is staring at you over the heads of the passerbys, how do you just ignore it?  It simply cannot be done, my friends! The webcomic is adorable (as you can see).  You’ll be following the zany escapades of Nate and his pal Zany as their pet, genetically engineered minis – a potbelly mammoth and teacup t-rex.  

You’ll see other regulars in the comic, like girlfriend Chanoa, and …. and…

Wait a minute….

I see what he did there! Above is a pic of Nate and his wife Chanoa.

…. I feel the need to make sure there’s not a geneticist lab in Springfield…

In addition to the webcomic, though, Nate also does a great deal of graphic design, including logos (just in case anyone out there is looking)

If you see him at conventions not only can you pick up prints of some of your favorites from his comic, but he also does commissions! As you know, my son gets to pick one artist at every convention to do a bit of art for him.  At the next con we visited after LibraryCon, he wanted something specific, but was too nervous/embarrassed to ask.

And while Nate knew I was a bit special from our one interaction before, he still asked in a tremulous tone “You want him… pounce-hugging… a Xenomorph? Like… From Aliens?” for verification.

I have to say, this is one of Devlin’s prized possessions from the arting community.

It’s not the super… unique that he does. Dev has had other pieces done by Nate as well at Conventions. Such as this beauty Terezi from Homestuck.

He’s been expanding his repertoire of late as well.  For example, for the gamer-types:

This is a relatively new thing that, while he’s been doing it for a bit, he’s only recently started talking about.

I think the biggest shock for me, however, was when I started seeing his oil paintings.

Yes, my dears. The same guy that sketched the Xenomorph Snuggle and does webcomics also does THIS.  He’s been doing more and more oils as well. Talk about diversification!!

I encourage you to follow this fellow at the above links, and if you’re interested, REACH OUT!! Art is all grand and good, but it looks better on your wall at home.

Now the BIG why...

As you know, I met a group of spectacular people at LibraryCon (is it any wonder I’m so fond of it??).  Nate was one of the gents I hit it off with right away, he and his wife Chanoa. I run into the pair of them at a number of different conventions, whether we’re guests there or not.  He always – ALWAYS – has a kind word, and is warm and open.

Is it any wonder when I decided it was time to do my coloring pages, Nate was one of the people I reached out to?

And, c’mon – the dude drew my son cuddling an Alien. It’s not like I could ask him to sketch anything weirder!!

I sent the different ideas to Nate, and he decided to go with a sketch of Jo, Thane, and Brian.  One of the things I absolutely love about all of this – LOVE – is seeing how the different artists interpret the imagery in different ways and make it something distinctly their own along with mine.

When it comes time to get more pieces for the color page-project, Nate is going to be one of the first I reach out to. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with!! Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing him do one of my fighty-scenes. What do you guys think?

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