Spiffy People: Xero Reynolds

Who:  Xero Reynolds

What:  Author, Artist, Voice Actor, Musician… Holy crap, this guy does EVERYTHING! Let’s just call him a rockstar, shall we?

Where (to stalk him):


This gentleman, right here, literally does it all.

He’s been a voice actor for years.  Don’t believe me? He has an IMDB and EVERYTHING. If that doesn’t prove it… actually, I’m not sure what would do it if this doesn’t do it for you. Give it a peek – you may recognize some of them.

Great… now I’ll be doing the rest of this post in his voice…

But he has a number of other talents as well!

His first book, Tales of Calopa: Tattooed Heart, came out in 2015.  It is best described as “Steampunk Fantasy,” and follows the misadventures of one Maxille Chandle.  Max goes from bad to worse as he gets sucked into a scheme he cannot say ‘no’ to, not if he wants to live to see another day. Relying on his wits, he just as to survive the next 24 hours.

I know this tickles your fancy…

Or was that fantasy?

Lexicon Calopa is a series of stories that came out the following year.  Same world of Calopa – even includes Tales of Calopa in it – as well as other stories.

Earlier this year, he put out his urban fantasy, When the Man Comes Around.  Mal is a demon, living a ‘normal’ life in the heart of Houston, and as happy as this little demon is, events are simply conspiring against him.  Damn them all!  Personally, I loved it when Xero was promoting this one – he took to his twitter as “Mal” to say Hello to the big wide world.

Xero’s most recent project is working on a series of Shorts called Pips.  Two “episodes” are out so far, and I simply cannot wait to read more!! You can find these on his site here.

AND he’s an artist!!

He’s not only done all of his own cover art, but he also does the occasional commission.  Those commissions are currently closed, but he has some of his old regulars he does work for.  He will once in a while open it up to take on new clients, and I strongly recommend you follow him so, if he DOES open up slots, you can jump on that, because this man’s work is gorgeous!

He and his lovely wife have actually just started a new endeavor as well.  They are working on an Indie Publishing company – Coldbrew Publishing.  It is literally JUST starting up so there’s not a lot out there about it just yet, but why don’t you give it a like and follow on Facebook?  I strongly recommend keeping an eye out on this.

Did I mention he was a musician, too?

…. Excuse me for a moment while I wallow in my inadequacies….

Ah, ok. I’m over it.

Sally forth!

Now the BIG why…

So a mutual friend introduced Xero and I via Facebook.  She knew him through voice acting circles, and with us both being writers, she thought we would get along.

And we do! Quite! The man is not only highly creative, but quite a geek.

But I have to say, the thing I love most about him?  It’s how he starts off every single day with an affirmation shouted out to all of his friends on social media.  “Good morning, rockstar.”  He follows this simple statement with something to help us all get through the day, no matter how rough things get on his side.

No matter how down he might be, or the struggles he is currently facing.

I find myself looking forward to these little daily affirmations, and they sincerely help my day along.

Not only is he exceedingly talented (just LOOK at all that stuff at the top of the screen!!), but he is a genuinely good person who actively tries, no matter his own personal demons.  It’s an inspiration.

So, my darlings, I strongly urge you to check this man out.  Follow him on the various social medias, and check out his books. You will not regret it.

’cause you’re a rockstar, too. <3

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