Supernatural and Me

I’m not talking supernatural phenomenon (do do, do-do-do!) here but the CW tv show, Supernatural.

I need to first establish I’m a great big wimp when it comes to scary movies/tv shows. Well, that’s not true. Ghost movies and TV shows are about it. Like… seriously so.  I have been known to scream like a little girl, jump, hide, and whallop people (who try to scare me) while watching.  Especially the really good ones.

Ok, they don’t have to be all THAT good or scary.

Ghost movies in general scare the hell out of me.  There’s just something about them. I mentioned last time that I have this thing about ghosts, right?  Hell, my sister and I barley got through the opening credits of the Grudge (American remake) before we both went ‘Nope,’ turned it off, and played Mortal Kombat for the rest of the evening.

Other scary movies? Meh. Sure, I jump at the jump scares, but I never got much into the genre of horror movies. Ghost movies are about the only thing that really, really scares me or freaks me out as far as those go. I don’t watch tons of them – they don’t really do much for me. I’ll still watch ghost movies – there is some masochistic draw to them. I have a few stories on this one… but later…

A lot of times, I will watch these shows from the protection of a friend’s shoulder (no, I don’t actually see stuff, but I sometimes peek out), then go around my house, flipping on all the lights, and even sleep that way sometimes, curled up in a blanket fort in fear that something will crawl out from beneath my bed or some shadowy corner to drag me away to… wherever.

I may have a slightly active imagination… Ask me about my experience with the American remake of the Ring sometime…

So why Supernatural??

So I started watching Supernatural in 2006.  I found Season 1 on sale at Wally-World. A couple of brothers drive around the country hunting down supernatural baddies and saving the day?  Sounded right up my alley.

It sounded like it would be a bit spooky, so I waited until my son – who was only 6 at the time – was in bed. Tucked my sweet little boy into bed, turned of all the lights in the house – since the lights would keep him up – put on my head phones and popped the first disk into PC.

What was I thinking??

A ghost story. The first one was a ghost story, and here I was, sitting in a pitch black house, my imagination already starting to kick into overtime.  I will admit, I paused it to go get a blanket to huddle under, sitting curled up in my chair with my knees pulled to my chest, my toes safely out of the way of any ethereal beings that might wish to nibble on them.

So of course, I watched three episodes that night.




The humor helps – I’m sure that’s a part of it, and, c’mon… Jansen Ackles and Jared Padelacki certainly help being so damn pretty.

I think one of the biggest things for me, though, are the two brothers.  I sat there during the first episode, listening to the two of them going back and forth, and all I could think was “This would be me and Jen if we were dudes…”

Only less pretty. ’cause… dayumn.

The way those two brothers treat each other… That’s us. We’ll give each other holy hell, but we are the only ones allowed to speak to each other in that way.

I’m also pretty sure that Jen and I could manage to bring about the Apocalypse by accident, but for us, I’m pretty sure it would be more like… one of us tripped and fell on a lever that unleashed the legions of hell, or maybe one of us got distracted (*cough*me*cough*) and broke an ancient seal. It would be something utterly ridiculous.



I’ve been following this show, if not from the very beginning, then close enough.  I love the monster-of-the-week feel to most of the episodes. I like the stories they put together. Not gonna lie, I squeal a bit whenever they end up in Missouri… And even though I KNOW they are filming all this in Vancouver, I still end up going “Um.. that’s not right…”

They have episodes that scare the living crap out of me. I watched these things for years in the middle of the night because Dev was so young, and I didn’t want him to be spooked, but I couldn’t NOT watch.

There have been episodes that have left me crying my eyes out (*sniffs*)

And every single one of them having me bursting with genuine laughter at some point. Some episodes more than others (Yellow Fever… duuuuuuuuuuuuuude).

No, not all the story archs are fantastic. There have been a few that have left me distinctly ‘Meh,’ but by and large, I love the show, and I adore the cast.

I was so happy when I was able to introduce Devlin to this bit of fangirling, and he LOVED it. We swept through 9 seasons over one summer, just in time for season 10 to start.  Since then, it’s become one of our regular shows.

And of course, my sister watches it. I was distinctly unsurprised to find this out.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you should definitely do so. It’s on Netflix, easily available for binge-watching, and so very, very worth it.

And the outtakes after each season. DUDE. Just… DUDE.

So… yeah.  Supernatural.

What’s your favorite episode? Mine?  Yellow Fever.

Oh, and I’m a Dean-girl all the way.

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