To Be or Not to Be


So this time of year, makes me think of Shakespeare.

Remember earlier this year when I was talking about what, precisely, a Lainee-Bomb was?

(“Jeeze, E – that was a really messed up transition. Bit of a stretch, dontcha think??”  Just bear with me a… It connects)

I’m positive a number of you were all “Wow… I can’t even function without caffeine – I wish I would react the same way!” (how do I know this?  I got a number of messages to this effect!)

I’m here to tell you, however, it’s not just me.

Back once upon a time my mother worked in the accounting department of a rather large corporate office. For her birthday one year, she came into work to find her desk decorated!  In addition to a rather HR-inappropriate poster and garland outlining her area, her coworkers had covered the thing with little bags of candy corn.

It wasn’t the season for such things – my mom’s birthday is in August – but she had mentioned that the treats were her fav candy, and her coworkers had managed to make it happen.

So she settled into work, noshing here and there on the little bags of pure sugar and corn syrup (at least there’s ‘corn’ somewhere in the name). Someone amongst the army of desks piped up. “Who’s doing Hamlet?”

“Hamlet” being the name of one of their accounts.

My mother, being the drama – being the drama nerd she is – stood up, placing one hand upon her heart. “To be…. or not to be. That is the question.” Her coworkers stared on in silent awe (read: shock) as she proceeded to recite the entirety of the soliloquy, then calmly sit back down and return to whatever she had been working on.

It wasn’t much longer before someone fetched all the little candy corns from her desk.  From then forward, she was only permitted one little bag (read: 4 whole candy corns) a day.

Now, even though her birthday was in August, it’s not until October you start seeing the bags upon bags of candy corn scattered all over the place.  And every time I do, I start quoting Hamlet in my head.

…. sometimes outloud.

So, see?? It’s NOT just me! Apparently, there was “Saraj-bombing” well before people started plying me with caffeine to torture others! It IS genetic!!

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