Where Are the Rambles??

You may have noticed a distinct lack of rambling of late. Ok, let’s be honest – it’s been kinda sporadic this whole year. Sorry about that, all!

Sure, the first part of the year, I was in China, off on my madcap adventures, and it was truly a spectacular thing!

Since my return?  Oh goodness, it’s been insane, especially the last couple of months.  I’m currently wrapping up my MBA – one semester left!  This semester, however, has been extremely busy as graduate school often is. There have been other, Deeply Personal Things ™ going on on top of all of my other obligations.

With everything going on, sadly, my blogs have fallen to the wayside.

This is not forever, my darlings! I promise you, I have been writing (besides the rather large number of papers for my various classes) but for the time, the rambles are going to need to be on pause. Just a bit. I’ll return as I have a bit more breathing room.

Thank you so much for all of your understanding.

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