Fanbugging: VIXX

It’s already very well established that I enjoy K-Pop.  A like a lot of different K-Pop, too – not just one band (who only likes one flavor??). One of my very favorites has got to be VIXX, however.

Mostly because they are great big dorks.

No, that’s not altogether true. Their music tends to have a darker edge than a lot of other bands I’ve listened to – a sound that’s all their own.

AND because they’re great big dorks.

VIXX celebrated their 5-year anniversary since their debut, but they’re still puppies in the greater scheme of things.  Their members are:

Like with Shinee, a couple members have performed in K-dramas – mostly N, though Hongbin has started as well.  Leo, Ken, and N have all been on stage in musicals.

They all work on the music they put out collectively. They don’t write and compose all of their own stuff like some other artists, but they all have an active role (not all entertainment agencies allow their performers to do this). They’ve also produced musical individually and as sub-groups. The boys definitely stay busy between!!

They have a LOT of music I really enjoy, and for a couple of them, they did special little ‘extra’ videos just for their fans… that are mostly them being great big dorks. I have those included below as well next to the originals…

These are just a few of my fav songs of theirs. They have so much more, and I strongly recommend you check them out.

And as serious as most of their videos come off, they have an on-going “VIXX TV” that they put out on their channel. It’s basically them communicating with their fans and doing little videos for them.  Especially early on, it showed what great big dorks these kids really are. They joked and teased, and generally had fun.

And I fell in love with them. These boys are truly fantastic.

So, yeah… I am a fan. And I mean that as OFFICIALLY. I joined the Starlights (the name of their fans/fanclub), and I got SWAG as a result!!  Check out my box-opening here, complete with total FANBUGGING!!


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