My Nadia Girl

So a couple of months back, I was telling everyone about my benevolent overlord, Dungeon.  I have another furbaby in my home, however, and that would be Nadia. If you’ve been following my social media, you’ve probably seen glimpses of this sweet girl.

I should start by saying I’ve always been a dog person. I was raised, surrounded by pups of several different varieties, and nothing makes me happier than playing with a puppy.

And by ‘puppy,’ that could range from a 6 week old ball of fur to a 10-year old, 100 pound ‘lapdog.’ They’re all puppies.

Our PetSmart has a ‘shelter day’ every Saturday.  Shelter animals from all over the area are brought in with the hopes that they will be adopted.  I would swing by these here and there, see all the puppers and look at the cats.

In the summer of 2014 – same year I had rescued Dungeon – I was going through a rough patch.  A really rough patch.  Seeing the puppies significantly helped, so I started going on a semi-regular basis. I was half-heartedly looking for a dog. I always loved them, as I said before, but I wasn’t necessarily in a rush to adopt.

During one of these trips in August of 2014 – roughly six months after our household deity had moved in – I heard the most pathetic sound!!  I followed it, because that’s what I do, and there she was…

I fell in love instantly.

This poor girl was in a kennel (as were most of the dogs), and she was trying to ‘talk’ to anyone who would come near. I could hear her warbling from across the store.  A red husky!! But one who had been starved to the point you could see every freaking bone.  Despite all of that, she was so friendly, trying to actively connect with anyone who passed.

I had to have her.


Though, important thing when you already have a pet in the home – how is she with CATS?

There were rows of cats stacked above her kennel, and those who were watching over her all chuckled. They said she adored them. She was always trying to look at them, to get close to them. She was absolutely FASCINATED by them, and the best part? Hadn’t tried to eat any of them.

Then they told me her story.

She had been picked up by animal control, and even as she looks above, she was worse then.  She had been ONE DAY away from being euthanized when the shelter had stepped in to try to rescue her.  They had found a temporary home for her, but not one permanent.

Devlin had always wanted a husky, and she was RED on top of it (his favorite color), and looked (still does) so much like a fox… I figured he’d fall in love with her just by those things alone, but if you are around her for more than 5 minutes….

She’s such a sweet, eager girl, and only a year old (same age as the kitty!). I had high hopes.

Dungeon was… less than pleased by this new addition…

It’s the one time Dungeon ever crapped in my bed. He was VERY displeased with me.

But Devlin loved her.

And Nadia adored the fact that, not only did she have her forever-home with a backyard and a boy, but she also had a KITTY!

…. said-kitty disagreed. Often loudly, but they began to settle into things.

But they began to settle, and would even play together. There were times when I would see Dungeon chasing HER around the house…. I was so shocked! I wish I would have caught those instances on video!

Apparently, Nadia, for all of her fascination with cats, it was because she thought she WAS one.  Her favorite place to perch, even now, is on the back of the couch.


Always on the back of the couch…

Her default setting when she looks at you is with those ears back and the most pathetic “I’m abused” look on her face. Do not believe it!!!

She actively believes people were put on this planet to love her and give her pets.  She’s not a big dog – even now, she’s no even 40 pounds, but at least you don’t see all of her bones any more. She’s a good weight for her size, but because of how much she was starved that first year of life, she’s just smaller than most huskies.

Though, I think it’s a universal sign of a grateful animal for a new home… For the first few weeks after we rescued Nadia and brought her home, whenever I would lay down on the couch, she WOULD curl up on me… Just like Dungeon…

Oddly enough, I could breathe better when the cat would do this kind of thing.

She grew out of it, however (thankfully!).

She doesn’t tend to cuddle much – it’s just not how she works. She enjoys getting petted, and she will lean against you when the time comes.  For new people, she enjoys finding herself in their lap (I’m fond of saying she’s a ‘Hussy’ rather than a ‘Husky’).

It seems the one time she desperately NEEDS my attention?  When I’m trying to write…

Dungeon doesn’t even do this stuff! All of my friends always talked about how their cats stroll across the keyboard or lay in their laps to distract them. Me? No. It’s my husky…

She’s incredibly bright,though she has some serious ‘derp’ moments as well.  It took us forever to escape-proof her kennel (she was figuring out new and inventive ways to break out of it all the time).  Even our backyard, despite the privacy fence, she would figure out how to get out. Now, we have a chain in addition to the fence.

I am fortunate whenever she HAS managed to get away, we’ve found her relatively quickly each time. One time, she had strolled right into the Commons area of our local community college, and spent the day amongst all the college kids until someone had seen my plea at finding my lost pupper.

Ah, but how is she with Dungeon NOW?

Well, the two seem to get along just fine… I’ve caught them cuddling on more than a few occasions. Dungeon usually seems to feel guiltier about these moments than Nadia, however.

Nadia is a very vocal girl. VERY! When she doesn’t want to go ‘out,’ she’ll all but tell you ‘no.’ She’ll argue with you, talk back, and warble if she is feeling outraged or otherwise wronged.  She will actively TELL us when she wants to play or go for a W-word.

And oh, does she love to PLAY! She gets cracked out, zooming around the house and knocking our couches over.

When I’m practicing with the heavy bag in the living room, she thinks it’s time to play, and starts getting overexcited and bouncing all over the place.  She does get upset when Devlin and I block out fight scenes – she’s not sure if we’re hurting one another or playing.  If we’re hurting each other, it must STOP! But who to defend??  If we’re playing, then why isn’t she involved?? She ends up getting between us at these times and voicing her general confusion.

But oh, the best part?

She sings.

It started one evening by accident. Or rather, we NOTICED it then.

I was writing in my room, listening to EXO’s Wolf, and at the chorus, Nadia suddenly raised her head up and started singing with it.



So we now have it where, when we ask nicely, she’ll sing upon command.

Ah, my dog is awesome…

So! Are you a dog person or a cat person? Or both? Or parakeet person? Guinea pig, cow, horse…

What’s your fav animal? Gimme stories! I love stories!

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