Konsplosion – FanFic Panel

At Konsplosion this year, one of the panels I did was a collaborative writing of fanfiction. We weren’t going to go all out- afterall, the panel was slated to only last an hour – and I wanted to keep it PG-13 since, well, it was an open panel and anyone could come in.  As a group, we came up with a cute little Pokemon story/scene, and I got such a kick out of it, I wanted to share it with everyone.  I hope you enjoy!


Pika-pika…” The yellow rat sidled up to the bar, leaning sleazily against the edge as he leered appreciatively at a certain Nine-Tails. The words were slurred, his eyes slightly unfocused. Of all the bars on all the mountains, he had to walk into this one and see her.

White tail tips flickered, and the icy vixen could only sigh. “Nine,” is muttered darkly beneath the breath, barely audible, and turning just enough to literally give the rat the cold shoulder.

A tiny paw settled upon the white shoulder, the crackle of electricity heard in the air as the fur on the back of every Pokemon in the place stood on end. It was a terribly aggressive approach, as a low “Achu,” was growled.

The vixen was no exception to this, long locks beginning to lift as static shuddered throughout the room. Eyes narrowed, one corner of the lip curling upwards, and just as low words were soon about to be snarled, they were halted as a voice could be heard from behind the pair of them. “Mimikyu,” was spoken firmly.

Though the ragtag fellow was swaying on his feet, yet the words broached no argument. A paw was pointed accusingly at the electric rat. “Mimi,” he said. “Mimi-mimi-mimikyu.”

The Pikachu could only snort, tossing his head, but the paw had left the Nine-Tails, taking a step in the other Pokemon’s direction. He drew himself to his full height, lifting his chin to give himself the tiniest extra little bit more of height. “Pikachu.” Yes, that was a full threat, low and dangerous as electricity trickled along the bar. Others were moving away, knowing full good and well what was coming.

The Mimikyu shuddered, and flinched back, but as he caught the icy look in the Nine-Tails eyes, the regal lift of the chin, the curve of the….

Back straightening, he clenched his paws at his sides. “Mimkyu!” It was as firm a response as he could give. He was not backing down, by golly.


The argument was cut short as a deep “Niiiiiiine” came from the vixen just before ice exploded from his – his!! – regal form. Neither Pokemon had a chance to reply before they were frozen in place, unable to move.

Nine Tail made a low grunt, icy breath curling in the air before him as his tail flicked. He strolled away, hips sashaying as he went with a toss of his mane. “Nine taaails,” he threw back over his shoulder at the pair.

The two frozen Pokemon stared at one another, eyes stuck wide. Speechless as the male Nine-Tails strolled away from the whole mess of the matter. Not so much as a twitch, as the two continued to stare before one finally broke. “Pika?” It was tentatively proposed.

A few moments of silence and an ear finally wobbled before falling over. “Achoo…” A concession to the cold they were both feeling, it was as close to a compromise as they were going to come to.

They both nodded, ice breaking around their necks. “Pikachu!” The Slowbro began to respond, but instead just set about pouring the pair shots of Third Rail.

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