Book 3 – One Fine Day

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Officer Ve Chevalier had always known she was different – when you were born on the Day of the Dead and grew up with a ghost for a babysitter, it didn’t leave a lot of room for doubt.

The world was filled with things that went bump in the night, but not all of them were evil – you just needed to know how to handle them. For generations, her family were known to be white witches, able to see the unseen and actually do something about it. Her mémère had taught her to be strong, brave.

She had been blessed with the Sight, flashes of the past, present, and possible futures, and it was a driving part of why she had become a cop to begin with – because she needed to use her gift for good. Only recently, she discovered that very extra gift was because she was Nasaru, and she was still trying to figure out what that even meant.

Still, she had a duty to fulfill. The Day of the Dead was always a busy one for her family, and while it may not be New Orleans, Boston couldn’t be that different, she thought.

She was wrong.

Unreadable shadows, a weapon used against ancient gods, and a mysterious stranger are wandering the streets…

The Day of the Dead suddenly got a whole lot more interesting than Ve was expecting.