Book 1 – Wake Up Call


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Jo is your average, everyday seventeen year old girl.

Wait, no she’s not.  Not by a longshot.

She is a girl with a secret.  Possessed of powers no one would believe even if they knew that she had them.  The ability to create illusions at a thought is a dangerous weapon in the most responsible of hands, and Jo’s aren’t exactly squeaky clean.

Ever the trouble magnet, Jo is accustomed to finding more than her fair share of problems – most of which she brings on herself.   The rebellious daughter of  a senator and a diplomat, she has a rap sheet and has been kicked out of nearly every prestigious private school on the Eastern Seaboard.

This time, she’s vowed to make an actual effort. Not to fit in – that’d be impossible – but to just not get kicked out.

Of course, this would be the school that turns out to be the favorite hunting grounds of a homicidal ghost.

What could possibly happen?

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