Book 2 – Mother Knows Best


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Consequences? What what were those?
Jo wasn’t used to this. Being bounced from private school to private school after she caused any trouble, she never had to deal with the fallout from any trouble she might have caused nor did she have to establish any long-term relationships. She simply showed up at a new school, slate clean.
This time was different.
It had been a month since she had come to Boston. A month since she had survived not only the White Lady, but the crazed cultists that followed her around. A month since she had been instrumental in saving two of her fellow students.
Wasn’t it time for things to get easy?
Apparently, that memo didn’t get around – between cranky teachers, mobsters with a vendetta, ghosts still lurking in the hallways, and school bullies, things were rough enough as it was. And now, something new on the scene.
What good was being a reincarnated, ancient warrior if it couldn’t get you through high school?