Spiffy People: David Faught

Who:  David Faught

What:  Badass Artist Dude

Where (to stalk him):

  • Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/davidfaughtartistesquire/?pnref=lhc
  • Instagram: @sketchartist76
  • Twitter: @Sketchartist76


David is an artist local to the Springfield, MO area.  If you were to come across him on the Con circuit, and you asked him what he does, you’d get a cheerful response of “I draw bewbs.”  Yes, you can HEAR him spell it that way when he says it. Just go with me here.

David does specialize in pinups, and he seriously does amazing work with it.

He has a distinctive style that is all his own, and it’s something I’ve every time I’ve seen it.  He’s tasteful with his pinups, and while not all of it is safe for work (he draws bewbs, people), I think the way he approaches it is fantastic.   Not only does he sketch from models as above with his Bettie Page piece (I loved this one!!), but he also does original work.

He does sketches of less known models as well.  Below is a local cosplayer, Anna Colstons.

But goodness be, he does SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. You need something drawn, he can do it.  It’ll have his distinctive flare to it, but that’s part of what I love about this guy.

And he does so much more than pinups.  He’s an ARTIST who yes, specializes in pinups, but if you have an idea of a piece you’d like to see come to life, HE DOES COMMISSIONS!! That’s right – he can bring to life whatever oddity you have bouncing around your head.  One of my personal favs? 


….. Yes, that is my son sneaking up on a Predator.  Like I said, he does commissions. And this piece? Has proudly hung on Devlin’s wall for a couple of years now.

David has a number of things in the works, at least one I’m not allowed to talk about (yet) but rest assured, it is FREAKING AWESOME!!  I’ll squeal about it as soon as it’s been officially announced.

He’s also starting up a webcomic about a cosplayer and her corgi going on various misadventures.  Yes, you read that right – cosplayer and a corgi.  I’ve seen the mockups, and ZOMG!! I can’t freaking wait.

There are BIG THINGS in the works for this fellow – don’t forget to stalk up at the above links! You will NOT regret it!

Now the BIG why…

David and I were guest at LibraryCon a couple of years back.  There weren’t many of us at that first convention, and they put all the artistic types (yes, I’m considered an artistic type) together in one room.  Since it was the first year for the Con, there wasn’t a ton of people, but it was so much fun.  Those of us in that little room together became pretty close, and I’ve made some great friends as a direct result of that convention.

Yes, David is one of them.

I loved David’s work so much, not only did I commission the above piece for my boy, but I also reached out to him about a little side project I was (still am) working on – coloring pages based on Wake Up Call.  I thought it would be a great way to promote not only my own work, but also some area artists in the process.

These are the coloring pages that I hand out at conventions for people who pick up one of my books.  I have those images below.

Something you’re interested in?  Hit me up at one of the conventions!!  These pieces made me ridiculously happy to add to my coloring packet.  And I’m very happy to call David friend and fellow creative.  You should go check him out!