Dalian Zoo – Part 2

So we got to see a whole bunch of those warm fuzzy critters last time, but not EVERYTHING! Not by a long stretch! But, I mean, we got the pandas and the adorbs red pandas, so what else do we need to see??

… oh, but everything.  Damnit.

This zoo was huge.  Simply ginormous.

The first place my merry band of miscreants visited after the pandas was the area dedicated to “Tropical Rainforest Reptiles and Amphibians.” As if THAT wasn’t a mouthful! The building was simply beautiful, however.  It was inside a dome, and as expected of such a lofty title, had a number of trees and general vegetation growing all about.  We got to meander through a bit, and I could have likely stayed for much longer, but I wanted to see more of the other critters.


They had a few besties, but not too many.  As expected, mostly of the scaley variety. I didn’t get a good pic of the gators they had, though I got to peek down at them slithering about in their makeshift stream.  I did get a lovely pic of their pond and all of the koi swarming about.

Remember how I had mentioned before we had gotten there early, and it was feeding time?  Well, we got to watch this group of turtles chowing down on a bit of breakfast.  Mmm-mmm… they like sweet potatoes, too!  We even watched as one was getting a bath!  Though it was difficult for me to get a good angle on that one.


Ah, and all of the snakes… They had these beasties scattered all over the place, and some of them were HUGE!! Pythons and anaconda… dayumn!

We stepped out, and lo! Subway and Panda Express….

….. I’m pretty sure that’s not the panda express I’m used to….

So the first good chunk of the zoo were all about critters wanting to be fed.  Seriously, they were everywhere!!  There were even a group of ostriches (at least, that’s what I’m thinking they were – maybe emus?), and they were very polite as they took the carrots.  No one bit me, so I’m happy. These two even posed prettily for me.  Admittedly, there was someone off camera, carrot in hand… but I’ll pretend it was for the camera.

Wait, what do you mean I’m not supposed to feed them??  Psh!!

…. oh hush.

The zebras were immensely sweet, and there were a ton of them!! They were in large corrals, and while a number hung back in the distance, gazing disdainfully at the pedestrians, there were a handful who had long since learned that humans meant yummies, so they came right up to us.  Even little kids were feeding these fellas, all without issue.  And yes, I totally pet them, too!! They were cute.  Sue me.


So we followed the path around, and then had no choice but to pass through a gate into a fenced in area.  Well, alright – I figured it was a large space, and they’d have gates at regular intervals just to avoid something getting out and running rampant.

And oh, there was much to threaten you in that area!! ALL OF THE CUTE!! The llamas (aren’t some of those fuzzy faces alpacas??) were left to roam freely through this area.  These guys were a LOT more pushy, coming up behind you, snuffling your hair, nosing your back, trying to dig their ways into your pockets. It’s like… they’ve learned….


They even had sheep!!  These guys were pretty loud about the whole ‘FEED ME, SEYMOUR” thing.

Wait… what do you mean I shouldn’t have been feeding all of…. well, crap… I should just give up now before I get into any more trouble.

Oh, but one last thing!!

For those of you who have a cat or dog, you know how they occasionally get all cracked out and catch a bad case of the zoomies?  Well, I watched a camel calf do the same damn thing.  No video, but I got some pics for your viewing pleasure…


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