Librarycon – 2017

Our local library system puts on a convention every year. It’s one day, and is open to the public. The one, the only – LibraryCon!

This is the third year running, and I can say, I’ve been honored to be part of this event each time.  Not only do I get to support the local library system (which, let’s admit it, for a writer, that’s kind of a big deal).

But a major bonus?  Local fans.

This event is free to the public, offering people an opportunity to meet writers, artists, comics, podcasters, etc – all the creatives you can think of.

I sold a book to a young lady, for example, and her mother asked if we could snap a picture together, which I gladly did.  Last night, I got a message from said mother along with the picture she took of us together (I won’t post it here).  “Just wanted to thank you for joyfully taking a picture with Elizabeth today! She loves reading and meeting an author was the highlight of her day! Way to empower young women!”

This, right here.  THIS absolutely made my entire day.

So not only did I have the opportunity to sell my own work, I also had the chance to promote a number of my friends. You may have noted them on the “Spiffy People” blogs I do every month.  At least three of my artist friends were present, and I was handing out the coloring pages they created based on my first book – Wake Up Call. A great big THANK YOU! to Adam McLaughlin, David Faught, and Nate Howard.

They were not, by any means, my only friends there.  Ben Reeder was present as well, and as most of you know, Ben was one of my mentors going through the publishing process.  Another artist, Jared George, was also there – pretty fantastic peeps, all the way around.

Larry Little with Geeky Kool was present, as were Keith Moncrief and Brittany Greer. While Geeky Kool has been around for a bit, these three are collaborating together – keep your eye out on some big news on this front!

Fantatics and the Fan were also present – another podcast.  There will be some upcoming shows, and I’ll keep peeps posted as we proceed.

Now, one of my favorite things to do at conventions are panels. Yes, I’m one of the weird types of people who actively enjoy speaking in public.  I was part of the panel with Shayne Silvers and Chris Wilson. It was my first opportunity to meet both gentlemen, but it was a pleasure having the chance to work with them. Our panel was talking about the Indie publishing world.

It is the dream for so many people to have the opportunity to get their work out there, to be published, to be seen.  Our panel specifically was talking about the very real work that goes into this.  You have to remember – this IS a job, and to succeed, you have to address it as such. That means putting forth the effort, the time, and a lot of time, the money, to see it succeed.

All told, it was a lovely event. I simply cannot wait until next year. I have already voiced my interest in being part of LibraryCon again for its 4th anniversary  Be sure to keep an eye out next August!!

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