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We all know I’m a history buff.  I’d say the majority of my posts in China kinda prove that, don’t they? But we also should all know that I’m a great big dork.  Hey, it’s not my fault – it’s genetic! I get it from my son!  (Love you, Dev…)

This being said, there was a place in Seoul that was at THE top of my list if I ever had to chance to visit the fair city, so on Day 1 of exploring, that’s the first place I went!  I had seen a number of blogs and vlogs about the Trick Eye Museum, so let’s just add this as another, shall we?

The Trick Eye is precisely as it sounds – it’s all about optical illusions. The paintings and props are designed to be interactive, and you can even download an app on your phone to make them even MORE so.  Which I did not do – I was happy with what I had before me.  I met up with one of my local friends (first time we had the chance to meet in person though we’ve been chatting for a good three years!) and off we went!  She had never been, so it was an experience for both of us!

They have three sections for the Museum that we visited:

  1. The main part with paintings and statues, very interactive!
  2. Their arctic/North Pole Exhibit
  3. Their VR games

This will mostly be pictures since, well… That IS the whole point of this place!

Bug in a Bottle…

Where are the breaks on this thing?

They missed a spot… (or “Yes, even when I’m just a head on a table…”)

A bit of a snake problem…

Be careful what you eat and drink in Wonderland…

It’s not ‘swinging on a star,’ but pretty dang close.

We have different approaches to dancing…


I get a bit carried away sometimes.

She’s behind me, isn’t she?

Just a lovely stroll

… what?? It was, uh, open when I got here!

An artist has to art, even when they’re undead. I’m just providing attention. I would NEVER sic zombies on someone… *coughs*

Crystal ball…

… oops…

This damn quill is HEAVY… No wonder book 3 took so long!

So the next area we decided to play in was the VR area.


Yeah, those pictures are exciting, huh?

So this area was a blast – it really was.  They gave you VR goggles, and then you’d sit in your little cart.  Said cart would move – like those virtual roller coasters you can see about anywhere – but you had the goggles for added effect.  I really loved this!! I have fun with virtual roller coasters reagardless (ok, I have fun about anywhere I go and whatever I do… beside the point). For this one, you could look in any direction, and it had programming in place to shift your perspective.

The game we went on had us riding a minging cart as we go, big shocker, into a mine.  If I missed a detail, I could look back over my shoulder, and see whatever it was.  At one point, we were even chased by a dragon! I found myself looking back over my shoulder to see how close the thing was getting or peering over the side to see what was shaking the cart.

I admit, I almost fell out a couple of times… Maybe they need to add seatbelts.

Just me?  Ah, that figures…

Regardless, still a lot of fun.

Last, but certainly not least, was the artic area.  I really wasn’t altogether sure what to expect with this. I’d seen pictures and the posts they had online, but….  But I didn’t really THINK about what I was seeing.

I’ll tell you now, my friends, it was farking COLD.

Everything in the next section was made of ice.  You could climb all around it, even take the slide down. It was designed to play in as long as you don’t mind being in a freezer while you do so. I mean, hell, as soon as you walked in, it TELLS you it’s all Ice… Because the temps didn’t give that away to begin with…

We found a place inside to try to warm up, but, uh…. I feel like this was a bit of false advertising…. Didn’t do squat to get warmer!


One of the first things we came across inside was a slide.  A real, honest to goodness slide.  Made of ice. My tushie was incredibly cold after this, but it was a fun! I was glad they gave us mats, but even then… brr!

The shoe didn’t quite fit…

Jam session. Er, wait. If it’s on the piano, is it a ‘jam session’?

And I’m kicking back to watch a spot o’ TV

Oh hey, I found a Western toilet!


I felt a bit like a third wheel… but ya know, I’ll rock it anyway!

Oh, here we go – much better! Cuddles!!

Sitting tall and proud!

And as sweet as most of these pics are, almost every one of them ended something like this:

They have so much more than just these three areas – I STRONGLY recommend folks check this place out if you find yourself in Seoul! It’s loads of fun.

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