What’s With the Ladybugs?

So I’ve had a few inquiries about what my deal is with ladybugs. They tend to pop up here and there, even on my logo (did you guys see THAT bit of spiffiness?? I’ll be giving a serious shout out to the creator a bit later… but moving on!). Hell, I even have a regular blog I’ll be doing called ‘fanbugging.’ Even at work, I have ladybugs all around my desk. They pop up all over my life.

So what’s the deal?

Not to fret – people have been asking me this for years.

When I was a toddler, I was dubbed ‘Lainee’ by my family.  In college (the first time), some friends heard the nickname, and picked it up.  It went from Lainee to Lainee-bug and for some, just to Bug.

The ladybug thing just sort of happened, to be honest.  Started as a joke at being called Lainee-bug and Bug, and then I found myself collecting them.  Friends will see things with a ladybug on it, and send it to me. I am drawn to the quirky items myself. Hell, I currently have a stuffed ladybug dressed as Batman. I have a headband that looks like ladybug antenna and a red shirt with black polka dots.

I even DRAW lady bugs.  I mean, not very well, but I still have my favorite little sketch being a walking, talking ladybug (asking me at a convention some time, and I’ll sketch my bug on your book).

Many moons ago, my gaming group were starting an email group, and we each got new emails for it. Everyone else got cool names that some how reflected their character in the game. Me?  I went with Bug Of Doom.

You heard me…

The bug references go on and on.

When I was in college (the second time!), I was working as a programming intern.  I had a giggling fit over cancelling the debug mode of the program… I had to type “end debug.” Which, when I said outloud… well, go ahead and say it.

I was still laughing when I got home, and shared this story with my son. Even now, he’ll randomly call in an ominous voice, “end debug….” Why? Why?? What did I ever do to him??

So, yes. I now have things like ‘fanbugging.’ It’s just like ‘fangirling,’ but in a distinctly me sort of way.

So what’s your spirit animal? What critter speaks to you?  Or what did you end up collecting, whether intentionally or not?

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