Calvin and Hobbes

My sister and I have an age old debate.  And by ‘age old,’ I really mean it – this has been an argument we’ve been having for more than 25 years now.  I wish that were an exaggeration (I would feel far younger if it were).  And I don’t mean just a little squabble – this has burst into full on debates that have lasted hours at a time and have quickly degenerated into name-calling. It is a question for the ages, and one I have asked my friends. There is a right or wrong answer with this one, my darlings.  The debate?  The thing that has drawn the line between two sisters like no other?

Calvin or Hobbes?

Now, if someone asks you this question, and you can only stare blankly… I am sorry.  Here, please go educate yourself then return to the rest of this post.

For everyone else, shall we continue?

The answer, of course, is Calvin.

There are, of course, innumerable reasons for this.  Perhaps I’m a bit too like Calvin for my own good in many ways.  If you look really close at Jo, I’m sure you can see a few of those characteristics in her as well. Intelligent, creative people do tend to bring on the chaos. I love chaos (in case you hadn’t picked up on that one yet).

Besides, what’s not to love?? Even if nothing else inspires you to smile, the SNOWMEN!!

Oh right, let’s also remember that Hobbes is a figment of dear Calvin’s imagination. So everything you love about Hobbes? Totally Calvin, too.

But this is an old argument, and one which makes me smile even now.  I can text my sister out of nowhere with a random “Calvin,” and she will occasionally issue a challenging “Hobbes.”

The fact of the matter is, whenever I read Calvin and Hobbes or even remember them, I think of my sister, and it makes me smile.  Those times we spent arguing over something so silly, and we knew it was pure silliness.  We enjoyed it, though.  We enjoyed being together, of teasing one another, of arguing for the sake of arguing (as, let’s face it, only siblings truly can do). It is one of the fondest memories of my childhood, and it is one of the few things that have followed me into adulthood.

I will admit, I did not have the best of childhoods.  Neither here nor there.  My sister and I found joy in our comics.  Calvin and Hobbes was a favorite (at least to argue over).  You can’t forget about Garfield, though!! I’d say he was second fav, that one. What’s not to love about a mouthy, lasagna eating feline? Cathy, Family Circus, Foxtrot, the Wizard of Id, Ziggy, and so many more. My sister and I would snatch up the funny pages whenever a paper was within our grasp. Whoever got it first would sit and giggle to herself until she could hand it off to the other.  We would get the books whenever we were able – which was rare and in between – but they were greatly prized possessions of our younger selves.

There is a glimmer of that happiness now, whenever I find the books. I can’t ever seem to resist picking up one when I find a new one.  I try to share that joy with my friends if they are otherwise unaware, and I have certainly done the same with my son, though I understand if he doesn’t have quite the same emotional attachment to these characters.

Even now, no matter how down I am, I can’t help but smile as I flip through the pages, following the antics of that little blond boy and his stuffed tiger. It’s something oddly personal for me, and something I cherish – those memories, the laughter, the smiles.

And you should always keep near things that bring you joy.  Not just one thing, my darlings, but find as many as you can.  Surround yourself with those little things to help you keep going, trudging onward.  The world can be a dark, scary place, but laughter is your armor.

Be strong, and love.

Oh yes, and Calvin…

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