For those who haven’t picked up on this fact, I’m a great big geek – all the way around. I have very diverse tastes.

So comic books are a thing for me. Or at least used to be. I admittedly haven’t read comics in a very long time, but I USED to! And I’ve been loving all of the TV shows and movies. (Well, ‘loving’ may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I greatly enjoy them).

I didn’t have a chance to watch Supergirl while it was on TV. I missed the first few episodes, then it seemed silly to pick it up after that. So I got to wait.

And wait….

And wait…

But at last!! Netflix!

I blew through the series in a week (I’m not even sure I would call that ‘binging’!).

And you know what?  I really enjoyed it.  Beyond the fact that it was another hero show. Besides there being epic battles to go along with all the eye candy (and come on – there’s definitely eye candy in this one!)

This show seriously spoke to me on another level.

The indignation Kara felt when getting called Super ‘Girl’ – how she felt it was demeaning to her and what she was trying to accomplish. I see that.

Little comments like, at the end of, what was that? Episode 1? Cat Grant is firing off questions to Supergirl, and asks about her thoughts on marriage and family. Supergirl turns around and shoots back “Nobody ever asks my cousin about stuff like that!” Exactly.

Cat Grant is full of all sorts of little bits of wisdom. Like, how, later in the season, she points out in one of her many mentoring moments to Kara how A woman has to be twice as good to be considered half as competent.

Then there’s the more obvious nods.  How the most ‘powerful person in National city’ is a woman – Cat Grant. How the president is a woman.

I really enjoyed watching a female super hero struggling with all of the above. She got frustrated with all of the double-standards, just as all of us do.  But she pushed through, and she made do.  I think it got a bit brow-beaty at times, but I think this was a good thing to see, and frankly, I can’t wait for Season 2.  I was overall extremely pleased with this show, and how it spoke to me.

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