Kansas City Comic Con – 2017

Last weekend, I was at Kansas City Comic Con located in, shock of shocks Kansas City.

Yeah, it blew my mind, too.

First and foremost, I shared the table with a friend of mine. My pal, Matthew, is working on a webcomic which will be launching by the end of the year.  He was attending as primarily a learning experience, which was awesome.  He handed out a ton of stickers as promotion for the upcoming comic, and we even got him a pretty fair start to a mailing list to keep folks updated on when it launches.

He practiced not only his elevator pitch, but also worked on his cold approach for the attendees.

I’m very proud – he did good with that!!

Oh, you want to know about his impending comic?  The website is:  http://flamewitchmeri.com/

Think something like Sailor Moon (except his own unique blend) as a 30-something who’s aged out of kicking ass, and is left trying to fumble through adulting without the life skills she should have obtained.

And hey, if you want on that mailing list?  Send me a PM with your email addie – I’ll pass the info on.  It promises to be highly entertaining.

I got to see some phenomenal cosplayers (huzzah!!) and a few old friends that I’ve met at multiple cons. Fanatics and the Fan was on site, and I got to sit in on their podcast on Saturday afternoon which is always entertaining. You can watch that here.  All told, this made for a rather happy Bug.


I know, that’s weird. I’m normally so shy and quiet…

So one of my fav new folks is Mark L. Groves. This poor fellow got to sit directly across from me for the entirety of the convention, and lo!! Is a fellow writer!  He does horror all centered in the midwest.  He’s got a novel and a few anthologies, under his belt.  You should certainly check this good chap out at Magnificent Cowlick Media. I’m not making that one up!! Go check out the site! Pick up one of his books. You know the drill, peeps.

And if you see him at a con, tell him the Bug says hello.

No, he likely won’t get it, but the confusion would be great….

I also got to meet some aspiring authors and spend some time with them!! I swear, that’s one of my favorite parts of cons – getting to talk to people who go “THIS IS MY DREAM!!” and I respond with “SUCKER!!”

Wait, that’s not what I say at all….

Got to spend a great deal of time with one chap on Sunday.  We talked for an hour or two, just going over the process as a whole, and the steps of getting into writing.  That part always makes me super happy. It’s a community, peeps! Not a competition! Help support your fellow authors!!

I got to meet some webcomics (already established), other authors, and some general creatives (there was a lady next to me who created spectacular jewelry!).

How were sales?

Meh. They weren’t as good as I would have hoped, but that’s fine. it is what it is, and I met some pretty amazing people in the process which delights me to no end.

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