Welcome to 2017

New Year’s is generally a time for resolutions – everyone has them. You swear you’re going to lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, eat better, get a new job, take over the world, get more confidence. Things like that.

For me, 2017 will be a time of a few changes, but these are things that have been in the works for some time. Some will be bigger than others – isn’t that the same as everyone?

  • Blogs  – For example, you may have noticed I’ve been doing these blogs on a weekly basis. GASP! SHOCK!! I know one weekend I forgot, and I got a call from my sister the following day going “What the hell, Elena??”  …. oops.  Sorry, Jen. (but please note, I’ve gotten much better at it!!) I’m going to be working on a better outline for content, too. Yeah, you’ll still get stuck with me babbling – it’s kinda what I do – but I’m going to be working up a better schedule of just what I’ll be babbling about. Is there anything specific you lot are interested in reading about?  Shoot me a message, comment below, use smoke signals – I’ll look into doing something for ya. But just because it’s you – please don’t tell anyone else.
  • Short Stories – Another upcoming changes will be the monthly short stories.  These will come out at the end of each month. Right now, they’re just taking place in the Nasaru world – why not? I have tons of ideas in this world, a number of which are not relevant to put in the novels themselves. I have so many scenes in my head that are more a ‘slice of life.’  You’ve seen how Jo has been in the novels, but she’s not always like that. Those have been rather extreme examples.  Most of the time, she’s trying to just be her, and figure out her place in the world and with her friends. But it’s not just Jo you’ll be seeing.  There are other Nasaru out there, other Other. These people all have stories, and I want to give my readers a peek at that. Stay tuned for the other worlds, too…
  • Newsletter – So you hear from me every week, and now I’m going to be doing a monthly newsletter on top of it?? UGH!!  But it’s for those who don’t necessarily follow me on social media and sometimes miss the rest. I’ve been getting everything going on this one, and I’ll be starting those in the next couple of months. Not to fret – it’ll only be once a month, and won’t be spamming anyone’s mailbox.  I hope everyone finds them interesting.
  • Book 3 – I know it’s not done yet.  I’m very, very sorry.  I am not nearly as far along with it as I wish, but please know it’s in the works. I’m working on it daily – even if it’s a little bit. I want to make sure it’s a good story and well written, so I am taking my time to make sure it is done properly.  I sincerely hope all of you enjoy it when it is ready.  I appreciate all of your patience, and I hope the short stories will help you all forgive me for the time.  I believe the finished product will be well worth the wait.

I have a few other things in the works at the moment – bigger and brighter – but not things I want to talk about directly just yet.  In the next few months, as those plans firm up, I’ll be singing it loud for all to hear.

Or read as the case may be.

2016 was a rough year for me personally – I know I was talking about that a great deal last week.  This coming year, I am optimistic that it be a better year. Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law) has been evicted from the house, and we have all of these things in place to start moving forward into a great year. My family has been informed of the fact that nothing else is allowed to go wrong for a time.

So let’s move forward into the new year.  How’s it shaping up for all of you? What’re your resolutions?

Please know I’m wishing happiness and success for each of you.

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